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by: James Jackson

Give yourself the freedom to explore your talent and creativity by making your own beats. However, attempting to make your own beats with no knowledge of how to do it properly can cause disappointment.

We also see a lot of problems with new artists when they are choosing which beats to use. To make your own beats, you must know the first thing about survival as an entertainer. There are a lot of artists who don’t realize that the genre they pick is important, especially if the goal is to get picked up by a label.

There is definitely something to be said for being able to create a new or risky genre of music, and if you can do that, go for it! But for most people, the ideal method is to go with the flow and choose a popular genre. Don’t just copy a popular beat in the genre, though; make sure you add your own spin to it!

If you can make a name within the genre you chose, then you can explore your talent further in other genres and enhance your unique perspective further!

Now that we have technology to help us create,aspiring and established musicians have been discovering that there are simple, cheap and effective ways to create great beats. If you’re thinking of ways to make your own beats, you should know about baseline, audio loops and patterns of midi drums. With these basics as your foundation, you can continue to improve your talent of creating beats using technology.

The mood you create in a listener with your beat will depend on the sound of your bass line. Due to the importance of the bass line, it should be developed and perfected first before the rest of the sounds can be added to the beat. Putting the bass line in a repeating loop will enable you to imagine how the rest of the arrangement will go. Rap and hip hop genres are dependent on the loops you create out of the sounds of various instruments. Once the loops are ready, you can arrange the sound effects as you wish. You can now create more loops and vary the tones of the subsequent ones.

Midi drum patterns are the last things you should add to your beat. To enhance your beat, you can create multiple midi drum patterns that are active all at once. You have to ensure that these drum patterns blend well and don’t end up creating noise. Midi drum sounds can be placed over your bass line at different points in a loop to make your beat more enticing to the audience.

So, as soon as you make your own beats, make sure your bass line is good enough for you to create more sounds over it. Next comes your midi drum patterns and your audio loops. See? It’s not that difficult to use these three elements to create your own beats!
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