Forex Ambush 2.0: 100% Successful Trades, Slow to Trade by Phil …

by: Phil Jarvie

Summary: By all accounts, it works. They claim 100% successful trades. The one live account I found out there indeed had 100% successful trades and a 170% net profit over 7 weeks. The drawbacks are that you have to manually trade (the robot only gives you signals), or pay an extra $97 a month for their auto-trade version. And the auto trade version only supports 1 broker – FXCM. I do recommend Forex Ambush – it does work as advertised. $197 for manual version, plus $97 a month for auto-pilot trading. 60 days money back guarantee.

Forex Ambush 2.0 uses an advanced custom-designed, artificial intelligence engine to process Forex data. Basically, it analyzes live and historical currency pricing and it then predicts the future trends. Once it finds a currency pair that it determines it can accurately predict, it sends you an alert. Forex Ambush 2.0 claims it has been 100% accurate so far and I didn’t find any evidence of a losing trade when researching this review.

Logically, large banks and trading organizations would have been using technology like this for years. Forex Ambush’s ambition is to take the technology to the wider market and into the consumers’ hands. Forex Ambush 2.0 claim it has been described as working so well, it feels like it uses insider information to pick trades.

My attitude is that if it is so smart, why can’t it pick the future of every movement. Of course nothing can do that. Instead, what this does is narrow things down to where it can confidently predict a future movement. Like, for 1,000 movements/fluctuations – maybe it is confident only the one time.

Which is not a problem, as long as it is always right. After reviewing Forex MegaDroid and Fap Turbo, where they consistently got better than 95-97% accuracy, 100% success is not so far away. Perhaps Forex Ambush is just that bit more conservative, I really don’t know.

Like all expert advisors, don’t expect a flurry of fast and furious action all day long. These forex robots often go several days with no trades at all.

When visiting the Forex Ambush website, I was expecting the usual gaudy/tacky sales page – which is there as the home page – but at least there is a website with other pages (unlike many other vendors).

I always like to scan through the offer first, and see what they claim, then the rest of their website before going off an investigating them fully with the professional traders.

Anyway, that’s where the Forex Ambush became a concern – when reading their website and seeing what it does. What its “software” does is give you “trading signals” – recommendations of what to buy and when. You have to do the trade manually. Which means of course you have to sit at the computer and be ready just in case it does make a recommendation. Remember, sometimes it can be days with no buy signals at all.

For this, you pay $197 – once off. And you must make all the trades manually.

For the automatic trading version of Forex Ambush 2.0, you then need to upgrade to the Diamond level of membership – and this costs you $97 per month – plus the original $197.

Add to that their recommendation of using a VPS (virtual private server) at an additional cost of about $49 a month. A VPS is a server running 24×7 at a web-hosting company which has very fast internet connections to it. The main thing is that it is always turned on. You login to and manage it via your web-browser.

Anyway, it then gets worse when it is explained that the automatic version does not operate with MetaTrader4 – which is the industry wide platform for almost everyone. Instead, it uses a proprietary platform – for no logical or explained reason.

Forex Ambush AutoTrade V1 currently only supports the broker FXCM. You will need a regular FX Trading Station type FXCM account, not an MT4 or Active Trader type FXCM account. They claim they are not affiliated with FXCM in any way with FXCM – but this is not true. For sure they get a commission of your action.

Their site quotes “Forex Ambush AutoTrade is a special piece of software which will run on your Windows computer or VPS that automatically receives signals and trades them. It is not an EA and currently only supports FXCM. It does not work with MetaTrader 4”.

They say more brokers will be supported in the future. That the software will interface directly to FXCM through their API (think plug-in), and that you don’t actually need to install the broker’s platform on your computer.

But it really makes no sense to move to non-standard platforms as it ties you down to which broker’s you can trade with – namely only 1. That alone is a big turn off for me.

Again for their website “The AutoTrade software will automatically interface to your FXCM account and execute Forex Ambush signals for you. There is no other charge; this service is free and included with the Diamond Edition service. We do not charge an extra spread or any fee through FXCM”.

I did find one live trading account. Starting with an opening balance of $1,393.31 on March 31, 2009 it made 100% successful trades and a net profit of $2,367.79 as of May 15, 2009. So, 168% profit in 7 weeks which is up there with the best. You can click the link below, or right mouse on it and open it in a separate window (be patient, I found the link took 2 minutes to load).

Forex Ambush Live Account since March 31, 2009

The user base for Forex Ambush is very small. On the large Forex forums I frequent, most people haven’t heard of it. It would have been nice to get the views professionals but sadly none seem to know of it.

On their website is a chat room – which is a nice touch – just login as a guest and chat with whoever is online about their product. I would have never found the “live trading account” link without the chat room.


It works as advertised – 100% successful trades. Forex Ambush is not a busy trader, and for the one off price of $197 you still have to manually trade – which makes it an expert advisor, not a forex robot. For the autopilot version, add $97 a month, and be limited to the 1 broker, and their proprietary platform (not MetaTrader4).

Yes I recommend it. Perhaps it is for more advanced users who are comfortable with manual trades. Small user base now – they expect 20,000 users by end of the year.

Visit my site at for the full reviews of this forex robot, and 40 others.

Phil Jarvie is a 49 year old Australian who has been living in China for more than 2 years now. He has been a professional forex day trader for many years, and has come to use and test many expert advisor forex trading robots. He has independently reviewed them at

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Review on Ewen Chia’s Super Affiliates Membership Programme by …

by: Tim Ng

If you ask me why Ewen Chia’s Super Affiliates Membership Site is the must-have site for all affiliate marketers, I can go on and on to rave about its benefits. Ewen has always over-delivered but this time, he has really gone out of the way to make you a success.

I first met him at Sheraton Towers in Singapore and he made a casual remark that he was going to start a membership site that would genuinely assist people in making big fortunes from affiliate marketing. Ewen was concerned of the number of people being scammed too often online by programmes that promise lots but deliver little.

Well, Ewen Chia has truly gone out of the way this time round to create this Super Affiliates Membership Site. The amount of sharing done by him was phenomenally astronomical. I am truly impressed after subscribing to the programme.

Ewen Chia literally shows you exactly how to start your own internet business, so that you’re fully up and running, dumping cash into your bank account if you are willing to take action from his coaching sessions. From Ewen Chia’s own words, “Affiliate Marketing is your license to print money on demand – anytime you want.” Encouraging words indeed and he means it.

Most importantly, Ewen Chia is not just going to transform you into a normal affiliate. He is going to turn you into a Super Affiliate with his Super Affiliates Membership Site.

Let me give you a summary of what Ewen has made available in his site:

a. The exact steps to get started, from choosing your domain name to setting up your hosting to setting up your “office admin” stuff to setting up your autoresponder to automate your business – this covers everything!

b. All the details behind his no-brainer simple system to build you a super affiliate business rapidly that’ll put your competition to shame!

c. How to dominate markets from the inside out, and build a reputation that’ll grow your profits for years.

d. Proven strategies for finding, selecting and “stealing” profitable markets – right out from under everybody else’s nose!

The above are just some of the promises that Ewen made and I am a vouch to these that they are duly delivered.

For example, I made use of Ewen Chia’s video tutorial to revamp my website and learn some tricks in getting Google Spider to consistently rank your website high among its search results. It works!

The best part is, you’ll also receive a monthly expert audio training and also real live case studies. We all know how valuable that is as rather than just dump you with all the information leaving you to dissect for yourself, case studies will allow you to see exactly what is right and what is wrong. And you’ll be able to learn exactly what the super affiliate Ewen Chia does and master what the other super affiliates do as well.

Lastly, you’ll also receive a mystery instant business-in-a-box. That alone is worth the membership cost alone as you get a full up and running business every single month you remain as a member. You’ll be able to earn back your investment many times just with the business-in-a-box alone!

Now that you have read my review on Ewen Chia’s Super Affiliates Membership Site, it’s time you take massive action to subscribe to this really fantastic programme. I guarantee that you will become a super affiliate in no time if you follow Ewen Chia’s strategies and take massive action.

Tim Ng is a seasoned affiliate marketer and a student of Ewen Chia – “the World’s Top Affiliate Marketer”. Tim frequently guides people in internet marketing forums on how to make money through affiliate marketing. For more information on how he has gained from Ewen Chia’s Super Affiliate Membership Programme, do refer to

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Scan And Clean Your Computer With Registry Cleaner by Austin …

by: Austin Porter

It is almost essential to know how to scan and clean your computer and these notes will give you an idea of what that means. The way you achieve that is with the aid of software known as a registry cleaner, which can help to boost the system’s performance. I will also be discussing a top quality registry cleaner software that speed up my PC quickly.

Anything that happens on a PC leaves a record in a large database and, as time goes by, and more actions take place, the database grows larger and larger. The PC then becomes slower, unless something is done about it. The reason is that the more entries there are, the more time it takes to check them, so the longer each operation takes.

The cleaning software must be installed first, and then it can perform a deep scanning, making a note of any redundant or problem files or entries, that cause the PC to be slow. It should then remove the offending items, to bring the machine back to its higher performance level. This may also be the time for deleting temporary files.

Because the registry’s fairly complex in its nature, it may be that essential files are removed inadvertently, causing one or more programs to function incorrectly, or not at all. Therefore, the cleaning utility must be able to put the system back to a previous, known good state.

Incredibly, the software can often find hundreds of errors, which haven’t had any dramatic effect on the machine, other than a noticeable slowness of operation. Usually, the scanning programs have tens of thousands of known errors that they can find and rectify.

As a PC user, you should know how to scan and clean the computer, as this is one of the routine maintenance tasks to be carried out. This is on the same level as tidying up a hard drive, or managing the browser’s settings. I personally managed to clean up my computer by downloading high quality registry cleaner software.
Do you want to learn How to Scan and Clean Your Computer? Austin Porter managed to fix all his PC’s errors by downloading a top Registry Cleaner! Get a FREE PC scan at his website and clean your PC in 2 minutes now!

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How to Remove a Computer Virus? by Donald Chambers

by: Donald Chambers

If you have used a computer long enough, then you have probably had a virus infect your computer at some point. You know how annoying and potentially dangerous they can be to your PC and you wish you knew how to remove a computer virus. There are many ways to take care of this problem, but only a few of them are really good. Using a high quality anti adware and spyware software has helped to clear up my PC of annoying pop ups and increased its speed significantly.

There are several good programs to use that are trusted by millions of people the world over. Most users are not that technically savvy so they will not know the extent of the damage that a virus has done to their computer. Downloading this program will not only get to the root of the problem, but it will kill it as well.

One of the better things about this is that you do not have to be a technical geek to be able to use it. The directions are easy to follow and very effective at getting the job done correctly. There are only a few steps involved and at a certain point, all you have to do is sit back and let the program work its magic. This is the ideal program for those whose lives are busy and do not have the time to babysit the process.

There are many ways that a PC can get infected and viruses are always updating themselves as to how to infect your computer. They are sneaky like this and it is why they are constantly coming back. Anti adware software knows this and keeps itself updated as well with the latest methods that can effectively thwart those attacks. It can be seen as a battle of wits that anti adware programs are winning.

In addition to cleaning up and destroying the viruses in your PC, this anti adware program can also immunize your system so it doesn’t get sick again. This is the best plan of attack that there is if you think about it. It’s like a preventative maintenance program for your computer. It is effective, quick, and it leaves no stone unturned.

Once the virus is gone and your system has been immunized, then the anti-adware program implements the scanning process. This is a very neat and useful tool that allows you to periodically check on the status of your system. It knows what it is looking for and if it finds adware, will notify you of the issue.

As mentioned before, we all have busy lives that are run more effectively when on a schedule. The scanning process is no different in that you can set up a certain date and time for the scanning to take place. This way, if there is a problem, you can take care of it right away.

One reason why some viruses are so damaging to a person’s system is that they are left undetected for long periods of time. The quicker you can identify the problem, the quicker you can fix it. Your PC has some very sensitive and important information on it, and the anti adware program can help you keep it all safe. I am glad that all the spyware, adware and viruses on my computer are all gone now all thanks to high quality software which I downloaded and would highly recommend it.
Want to learn How to Remove Computer Virus from your PC fast? Donald successfully removed all the adware and viruses from his PC with high quality software. Visit his website for the Top 5 Spyware & Virus Removal Software and get a FREE PC Scan!

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Integrating Technology in Learning Through Music Teachers Software

by: Earl Marsden

Are you a dedicated and an inspired music teacher? Do you want to always be loved and remembered by your students? Have you ever dreamed of having complete attendance in each and every session? Have you considered any music teachers software not just to improve your teaching strategies but also to lessen your burdens and hassles on paper works and other related tasks of a music teacher? Well, this page may be just right for you. In here, you will learn the various techniques on how you can spend much time in modifying your teaching techniques as well as maximizing your precious time through these great innovations – music teachers software and website.

Generally, all academic institutions specializing in various crafts including the curriculum developers, the administrators and the educators themselves are strongly encouraged to integrate technology in their curricula, teaching methods and in the learning process itself. Over the years, it has been proven that when one has integrated technology in education, it has correspondingly increased the levels of interest and motivation of the learners.

Likewise, in teaching music, students tend to get more interested in learning music holistically; they become more focused and participative in each classroom activity. Since they do researching online, recording and uploading their own music piece or video, listening live or downloadable audio-visual musical pieces, or spending more time on broadening their knowledge via world wide web, internet and other means of technology have become one of the motivating factors on the part of the learners.

However, the music teacher must bear in mind that each inclusion of technology has a corresponding responsibility; you have to be more aware and vigilant on what they do, access or get into each learning experience. Some music teachers websites may relatively seem unnecessary and not essential. Make sure that each website caters only to the needs of your students in music as well as the activity itself.

On the other light, they say that teaching is indeed a noble profession and a rewarding experience. Yet, I know that many teachers in various areas and crafts will agree with me when I say that this job also requires much of your supposed-to-be free time at home. In other words, teachers helplessly bring home loads of work to do and accomplish. As this reality strikes everywhere around the globe, they simply need something to help them work it out.

Music teachers need such software or website to assist them in planning, organizing, managing and supervising their music classes and studios. In a wide variety, this software or website may them in handling their bills and finances, scheduling lessons and communicating reports. Such innovation gives you immediate relief on headaches and other hassles that this profession may bring. Music teachers software can make you save not just money but most importantly, time and energy. Now, that is truly amazingly great, isn’t it?

With all these great packages of convenience and ease, I am so certain that every music teacher around the globe can surely enjoy each music teaching experience as he inspires and motivates every learner to love music now and forever.

Gain the most advantage out of your music teachers software, visit – Earl Marsden

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Things You Should Know Before Implementing Microsoft CRM in …

by: Shelia Hurst

Though the popularity of Microsoft CRM is on the rise, but so are the cases of failed implementation of this software. No, there is nothing wrong with the software or Microsoft. The problem is with the mindset of the customers who buy CRM.

Many customers think that CRM is magical software that can transform their businesses. This is, however, incorrect. Let’s review some of the major reasons why organizations fail in implementing Microsoft CRM software to get a clearer picture.

The main reasons for failed implementation are:

*Automating Flawed Processes: What Microsoft CRM does is that it integrates your business processes. A large part of this is done by automation. Some buyers are of the opinion that automation is a solution in its self. But automation only gets things done faster. If the underlying process is flawed, then it will make the mistake repeat itself faster! So as a buyer, you need to be sure that you have a good hard look at your processes before you consider implementing the CRM solution.

*Piecemeal Solutions: It is important to know that CRM integrates various processes across business functions. Sometimes organizations decide to go in for piecemeal solutions. This is a big blow to the idea itself as information from various parts of the organization cannot be harnessed adequately.

*Siloed Thinking: Sometimes even an organization wide implementation may turn futile. The simple reason being that CRM only provides information to take decisions. It does not take decisions on its own. So if the decision maker is thinking in silos in terms of a particular department or a function, he/she will inevitably make the wrong decision.

Implementing Microsoft CRM is more than connecting people via computers. It requires redesigning business processes and widespread cultural changes in the organization.
To make sure that your business CRM software implementation is successful please visit These experts will advise on the pitfalls to avoid while implementing CRM software and other such software.

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A Review Of Making Money Online Through Affiliate Marketing by …

by: Alan Smith

This procedure of making money online pays consistently and fairly over and over again. Family and Friends have always criticized your countless attempts to make sufficient money online. If you are serious really and want to add on or even increase your income, then click through and begin on the way to financial freedom. In the history of making money online opportunities, our procedure has granted several people such as you to exceed and meet their current income.

It is very easy put lots of information into an Email, but don’t bear anybody to genuinely read it all. The great Email Campaigns are really short and to the point. Through keeping it short the reviewer is more prepared to read quickly what you have to say rather of losing interest and striking delete. If you genuinely have a lot of information to send off, then you just provide a quick overview and some key features with links back to the overall version on your web site.

The last item to let in the Email before sending it is that is known as a call to action. This is where you boost the reader to pretend on whatever it is you’re essaying to achieve by sending the marketing Email. Fortunately for you, the major part of your Email list has plausibly bought from you before or at least shown concern in the past. This increments the chance that they will have to show some kind of interest and go through your Email, and hopefully take part in the call to action.

There are various methods you can use to search online free work at home jobs. While you may look for companies trying for online assistance, you may as well launch your own business online. If you have good computer skills and wishing to learn Internet marketing schemes, you can provide your services to people who require assistance. One another free work at home jobs online is Affiliate Marketing Programs. The Affiliate Company will offer you with an ID and an Affiliate gateway website that you can utilize to advertize your product and yield commissions from those sales.

Making money online is really very easy however some people find it very hard. There are several ways to make money online such as Affiliate marketing, Domain marketing, information marketing, Google AdSense any many more. But article marketing is one another money making system. Online article marketing is a moneymaking way to generate money online and people are still to understand the business.

Unlike steady software that needs to be set up onto a computer, Pay Per Click SaaS software is totally hosted online and can be got at any computer with an Internet Connection. The software is present online by registration for the product.
Finding the right opportunity that can forever change your life does not happen every day. Fortunately, this is precisely what email campaigns can do for you. Within this opportunity you will find a plethora of tips, information, tricks and secrets to making a living off of banner advertising. For more information please visit:

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Music Editing Software Can Create Sweet Sounds by Morgan …

by: Morgan Hamilton

Recently, I received a CD from my friend, George. The CD was full of songs he had mixed himself on his laptop. I was expecting to hear a CD full of music that sounded hacked together since he used cheap music editing software. However, when I listened to the CD, I was stunned by the quality he was able to achieve even though he did not use any professional equipment.

Since George is a part-time Disc jockey at an underground club in Los Angeles, I knew that the CD would contain a nice mix of tunes. The only evidence I noticed that it was not a professionally mixed CD was the presence of a few blank spots in between some songs on the CD. This was probably something to do with the music editing software he used to create the CD, but other than that the music did not sound different from something that had been manufactured by a professional in a studio.

The realm of music is changing due to advancing technology. Consumers these days have more control over what they listen to and how they acquire music. Many people have iPods and other kinds of musical playing device, so people are become more accustomed to being able to have greater freedom over the music they listen to. Several years ago, people had to create mix tapes of their favorite songs by pressing a tape recorder up to a radio speaker. Modern music lovers have easy access to a computer and music editing software that enables them to create better mix CD’s of their favorite music.

People also have a variety of choices on selecting the appropriate music editing software that will match their specific needs. DJs and professional musicians are investing in editing software that has more features, so that they are able to edit music according to their professional needs. For the average person, an inexpensive music editing software that has minimum features is enough to satisfy that person’s musical cravings. Technology has really come along way in helping people enjoy products like the excellent quality of music that is possible through the amazing music editing software.

Morgan Hamilton offers expert advice and great tips regarding all aspects concerning Music Editing Software. Get more information by visiting–more/music/music-editing-software-can-create-sweet-sounds.html.

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