Six Rules To Gain The Most Of Offshore Software Development by …

by: QBit Systems

While some enjoy large cost cuts through outsourcing software development offshore, for others it’s a nightmare. Offshore software development is no doubt a trump card to race your competitors but one should know to play it right in order to reap the best. Always remember that you are not out to “get the cheapest” but to “get what you want at the best price.” Here are few handy rules you must follow to keep your offshore software development project in place:

RULE 1: Work out what you exactly want:

It is very important to detail your requirements while outsourcing your project offshore. Just remember that you cannot communicate a vague idea and then shape it through the process. It does not matter if you are a technical person or not you can at least work out the functionality and features that you want your project to have. You can even try look for similar websites or software to present as an example. Provide as much detailing as you can starting from color, design, look to the minutest trait you want it to have. Knowing what you want helps in clear communication of idea and it also provides you grounds while negotiating cost and timelines. Furthermore it also helps the development party to provide you with quicker and more exact quotes when the scope of your work is clearly defined.

RULE 2: First hand documentation:

After you have figured out all your requirements the next thing to do is documentation. Most small and medium companies ignore documentation and communicate the requirements through emails, IMs or phone. This is a wrong practice. No matter how small and obvious the work is it is always good to have a first hand documentation done by you before the other party does it for you. To make the documentation more organized and traceable you can segment the work on the basis of scope, features and/or timeline. If you have certain technical considerations then mention them clearly in a separate segment. Offshore software projects always need timely monitoring and proper management in-house and documentation is the first step to it.

RULE 3: Do your home work right:

The very motive of opting offshore software development is the cost variance. It is not always required to play safe by choosing the big brands because then you are not looking at great savings. You can get quality work at good price if you are ready to explore the marketplace and do a bit of homework. Firstly, categorize your work on the basis of technology, field or functionality. Start searching web, bidding portals and job hiring sites for companies with experience in similar technology or domain. For short-listing the companies you can start from the portfolio listed on their websites and credentials to judge company standing. It is always good to seek the listed clients for a reference check.

RULE 4: Seek Different people:

As you are done with listing prospective companies you start approaching them for quotes. Established and professional companies usually sent a well defined proposal including technical architecture, functional specifications and a payment plan with project timelines. You should use this as a base to compare the cost and the offerings. One can easily judge the level of experience and sincerity through the document itself. Don’t get tempted by the cheapest but try to figure out the best deal out of it.

RULE 5: Terms and conditions are important:

Before allotting work to a certain company it is very essential to clarify terms and conditions they propose and also set few on your side. See what terms and conditions a company follows regarding payment and delivery. You can also define few by yourself to ensure on-time delivery. For example you can set penalty charges for late delivery. You can also include meeting time slabs and review schedules to make it even more defined.

RULE 6: Timely Monitoring:

Lastly you need to do timely monitoring to ensure that the benchmarks are being met. Make sure communications are clear and timely and all the requisites are presented as and when required. Follow the practice of directing all the mails and conversations to a single person to avoid miscommunication.

Offshore software development is not as daunting as it is made out to be all one needs to do is practice it right and do a good research before jumping into it.

QBit Systems is a global IT services provider offering Software Development services to businesses worldwide through its state of the art ISO 9001:2000 certified Offshore Development Center (ODC) in India. We are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner committed to deliver top level benefits to the end users. Our integrated network of development services is bieng catering IT outsourcing requirements of major international markets such as US, UK and Australia.

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Disorganized? Invest in POS Software by Jason Harrison

by: Jason Harrison

Your mother always told you to put things in their place?and surely, cleaning your room before going out to play was the hardest thing in the world. In a world of fast-paced, on-your-toes business, it is easy to let things slide or simply pile up, transforming your simple business idea into a web of disorganization. What could possibly dig you out of this pit, and help you move forward? The solution is found in Point of Sale (POS retail) software. POS software might just be the very thing that sets you back on top.

What in the world is POS software? This smart system is a PC-based ?checkout’ system, like an upgraded, organized cash register. The POS software system integrates all the important figures and elements of your business, and compiles it all into a user-friendly, easy-access system that acts like the main library of all your business transactions. Not only is the customer’s satisfaction necessary, but also correct computation of the sale, including tax, discounts, and other features. Beyond these obvious things, the POS software system allows you to integrate your sales figures with the numbers in your inventory stock. That way, not only are your transactions accurate, but the POS software system assures you that the reduced inventory will be taken into account.

Having the POS software system as the basis of your business transactions, you will be able to determine the relationship between what items you have in stock, and how much revenue has been accumulated. Inconsistencies can then be targeted, and any problems with employee theft or error can be corrected. Also, the POS software is able to determine, with the swipe of a card, if a customer truly will be able to cover the bill on all the items at the time of purchase. You can imagine how much trouble it will save you to simply be able to ask for another form of payment there at the POS retail register. Thanks to the smart design of the POS software system; you can be organized and professional in moments like this.

Stay organized in the pricing and labeling of your products. The POS software system is programmed to automatically present the full price on the item, unless measures are taken to secure a discount price. With the POS software system in place, you can avoid any ?extra’ discounting by unauthorized persons, and thus be sure to come up with a full till at the end of the night. Almost all of the POS software systems available come with a bar code scanner that makes this kind of work much easier. Not only will you not have the burden of hand-recording inventory and changes in price, but the POS software system will record all of this information, gathering it into an organized spreadsheet that will be much easier for you to review. This is the ultimate in inventory management.

The right company to search for when you are looking to buy a POS software system for your company should be a POS software company that offers a lot of support. If your goal is organization, it will be very helpful to have a POS software company that actually hosts a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform in real time, thus extending you the opportunity to receive help at any time. Surely a POS software system will be the answer to all of your organizational needs.

POS Software
Run.It Systems has created the industry leading point-of-sale system. We pride ourselves in designing fully-integrated business solutions specifically for the independent specialty retailer-whether that means a single store or sixty stores. POS Software

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Integration Of The EMR Software With The Medical Billing Software …

by: Jim Peterson

Doctor is one of the professionals whose time, concentration and attention are saving lives. And at the same time doctors are all so dedicated to their work that they spend days and weeks at work with so little time left for themselves. EMR (electronic medical records) have already become a great facilitator for the doctors worldwide. Medical receptionists often built into the EMR systems are also a great time saving option.

Though there always comes the time for writing up the books. Being the most gifted of the gifted doctors you will not necessarily be such a great accountant. Happily this important part of the work is covered with numerous billing software solutions, some genuine and easy to use, others not so genuine with a complicated interface and a tangled structure of ticks and boxes. Still this often is a separate application you have to study with much precision to cook your books properly. In any case with almost any of the medical billing solutions time is to be spent for entering data, checking and double-checking. And again you have to stay late at work.

To get a little more time for yourself and your family you can get a great solution – medical billing software can be integrated with your electronic medical records system. This will save you a considerable time you would have spent for entering data into your billing application, since this data will be uploaded automatically and all you will have to do is to review the data and make some slight corrections in case needed.

No more hours to spend trying to remember the details of your patient, everything you need is already there.

Calculations are performed automatically according to the EMR records that you are entering anyway. You will not have to make your patient wait for the invoice for ages – all you need to do is just press a button and there it is will all the details of your patient uploaded from your EMR, all the services you provided properly billed to your customer and included in your books at the same time. Integrating medical records and billing into a single system also makes a solid base for a future CRM application.

And do we need to say that using one application (your usual electronic medical records) is much easier than switching from one application to another remembering to enter the same data into different boxes of different applications. This integration of medical billing software with your electronic medical records software is a great time-saving option to free a couple of hours each month you could use to see more patients, spend with your family or at least to give you a minute for a cup of coffee each day.
Are you looking for a medical receptionist system that can integrate with your billing software? If this is the case, then you may want to take a look at the AssistMedic virtual receptionist service.

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Child Welfare Information Services – How Agencies Prosper With …

by: George Ritacco

The transfer of information is commonplace in today’s world. Most of us use computer systems to house, manage and report on our data. More states have discovered the value of having software that makes child welfare providers more successful. Not only can software help the children with their needs, it can also track results, productivity of the caseworkers, and critical data on the children in the system. This information is necessary to help ensure that the service level and standard of care is being followed properly. When it comes to information on children in the welfare system – it’s important that you maximize every opportunity to collect meaningful information and leverage a tool that can provide that data in an easy to understand format.

Helping to Address the Needs of Children and Families

An effective software system can help clearly define and address children’s needs in the welfare system before they become critical problems. When the needs ofthese childrenare proactively addressed, more effective solutions can be reached.

Use Software to Track Results and Progress

It is a much more manageable task to track results when you have software in place. Web-based software is even better because it can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection. The software assists in placing the information, calculating valuable data, and organizing everything into a format that makes sense. Screens can flow in a systematic way that follows your own internal processes andworkflow. Information is gathered in an easy, point-and-click effort. This information can be transferred to whoever needs to review it without fear or risk of it being misinterpreted. Child welfare information systems and software are the standard – and in order to operate effectively, it is so important that you have a system of your own, beyond Excel spreadsheets and Access databases.

Productivity Rises

Many child welfare agencies are running short on staff and funds. With software systems like what FAMCare offers, for example – case workers and other parties can save time on doing paperwork and devote that time to addressing children’s specific needs when they are in the system. Need to access a medical record? It’s one click away. Need to record a case note – again, just a click away and another click to send it to billing. The more productive case workers can be during their chaotic days, the more the children that rely on them benefit.

Have Access to Critical Data

A child’s history in the>is not unlike a medical history. When you have access to everything that has happened it is a considerably easier process to determine the best options available for a child. There is no need to search on someone’s desk for a file, pull out charts and forms and research paperwork. With just a click of a button or two – a complete history for that child is available on the screen – with alerts, triggers and notifications tied to that child’s progress. And… all of that information can change in real-time as more and more data is collected and updated. The result is more prompt action and better results.

Child welfare service providers prosper when they use FAMCare software to help with its management and database needs. The software helps agencies address children’s needs in a timely manner and tracks the results from those decisions. With most child welfare agencies being subject to budget cuts every year, effective, affordable social services software helps the departments stay productive despite decreased staff and income. With the right software system – caseworkers benefit, program managers benefit… but most of all – the children and families that you serve benefit, as you are able to stay focused on providing the best level of care you can.
2010 Global Vision Technologies is a leading provider of child welfare and social services software. FAMCare is a web-based information platform that is completely scalable and tailored for your needs.

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