Is osCommerce Shopping Cart Software Really free? by Jason …

by: Jason Ciment

osCommerce vs WebCart – An Ecommerce Platform Shopping Cart Software Comparion Review

Over the past few years, the osCommerce shopping cart system has been an extremely popular choice for online businesses looking to power an ecommerce web site. To those who love free (open source) software, osCommerce (as well as the many other freeware type of cart solutions) is and has been a dream come true. Given the choice, uneducated eCommerce store owners will usually opt for a free cart vs. one which will cost money.

osCommerce is a freeware shopping cart platform built in php and MySQL with many hundreds of programmers supplying addons and plugins either for free or for an additional charge. Some might say that the system is really free, but others who calculate the cost of the time spent configuring the system might disagree.

The question is whether one takes into account the cost of setting up and administering the osCommerce powered web site. For many beginners technical support is critical for setting up a presence on the web. With osCommerce there is no easy phone or email support. The primary method of installing their php shopping cart solution is by reading the online documention, and posting questions in the forum. For more information you can visit

Because of all the hours one has to spend configuring the cart, it really does end up costing a lot of money to set up an osCommerce powered web store. As an alternative, a webmaster can look for a paid solution like WebCart ( which is not a free solution and in fact is not even a cheap solution. It isn’t terribly expensive but it is extremely function rich. In fact, WebCart has recently introduced its osCommerce Transition package to move web sites powered by osCommerce to WebCart in a seamless and frictionless manner.

We are not suggesting that osCommerce has a faulty product nor is our intent to convince anyone of this. However, there are some fundamental complaints about osCommerce, that are floating around message boards and therefore we’ve written this article so that frustrated users of osCommerce can discover that there are easy and flexible alternatives.

WebCart by the way is developed by Mountain Network Systems who has developers in Russia, Israel and the USA. WebCart does not even offer an installation document because they install WebCart for every customer. “After talking to clients who were previous users of osCommerce, I can tell you that most of them, who were intermediate web users, had an extremely difficult time going through the installation documentation”, says Michael Moshkovich from WebCart. A simple Google search for “osCommerce installation help” will produce a wealth of websites trying to sell you an installation service.

If you have questions about osCommerce or about WebCart, post your comments directly in this forum at

Stay tuned for more news on this latest development of the osCommerce Transition Upgrade package from WebCart. If you are want to upgrade from a free online storefront and/or you are analyzing specific criteria for developing a new ecommerce powered Shopping Cart software platform, please contact the developers of WebCart at

Jason Ciment

Jason Ciment

If you are want to upgrade from a free online storefront and/or you are analyzing specific criteria for developing a new ecommerce powered Shopping Cart software platform, please contact the developers of WebCart at

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WhiteSmoke Writing Software by Daniel Franklin –

by: Daniel Franklin

Could your writing use a little help? Whether you write for business or pleasure it is quite possible that your writing could benefit from the amazing English writing software known as WhiteSmoke Writing Software. You’ve probably heard of similar programs and been completely unimpressed.

This is not the same old writing software you’ve seen in the past. Some of the more impressive features you will find with WhiteSmoke include the following NLP (neuro linguistic programming) technology, advanced grammar check, style check, letter templates, punctuation check, text enrichment, and so much more.

Not only does this amazing product identify potential problems; it also makes suggestions as to how these problems can be corrected. With a dictionary and thesaurus you will never find yourself at a loss for words and the letter templates make it as easy to write professional looking emails as it is to write emails that sound professional with this amazing software.

Whether you simply want to bring your writing skills up a notch or you struggle with English as a second language and need the help to find even footing in the business world, WhiteSmoke Writing Soft is an amazing English writing software that is sure to have you writing amazing quality letters, articles, and website content quickly and effortlessly.

This is is an all-in-one tool for proofreading and editing your writing:

– Updated! Grammar Checker Detect and correct tricky grammar errors

– NEW! Writing Review Get an instant quality score on your text

– Updated! Style Checker Improve your sentences, vocabulary, and writing style

– Updated! Spell Checker Fix typos and difficult to spell words

– Updated! Punctuation Checker Improve readability with accurate punctuation

– Updated! Error Explanations Learn from your mistakes with error explanations and English lessons!

– Works Everywhere Runs with MS Word, Outlook, and all other text-based applications

– Dictionary-Thesaurus
Author: Daniel Franklin

Product page link:

Postal address: WhiteSmoke, Inc., 500 Unicorn Park, 3rd Floor, , 01801 Woburn, United States of America

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An Honest Review of Carbonite Backup Services by Travis Van …

by: Travis Van Slooten

Carbonite backup is one the many online backup storage services available in the market today which are designed to provide alternative backup protection in the event of computer failures or natural catastrophes. This Carbonite review takes a closer look at the service and evaluates its features to see how it keeps up with the demands of the times.

Carbonite Backup Main Features

Carbonite charges an annual subscription fee of $54.95 which gives you unlimited backup capacity, encrypted storage, user-friendly procedures and technical support that comes in the forms of phone, live chat and email. This software runs on Windows XP, Vista and Macintosh.

Carbonite uses a single type of service which is applicable both for personal and business use. Currently, the service is free for a 15-day trial period with no credit card required.


Carbonite users are satisfied and impressed by many features of online backup services, as the following:

Ease of Use – It is easy to set-up and use. The installation is fast and simple and the backup process is easy to follow.

Security – Files are encrypted before leaving your computer and are stored encrypted on Carbonite’s secured servers, completely safeguarding them from unauthorized access.

Background Worker – This online storage backup facility functions quietly in the background without slowing down your computer or causing any disruption to your work.

Automatic Backup – When you are done with the installation and initial backup, you can simply forget about it. A wide range of file types are backed up automatically so that you do not have worry about doing the task on your own.

Reliable Service at a Small Cost – Carbonite backup offers a very affordable way of keeping your files secure. At less than $5/month, that’s a small price to pay for convenience and peace of mind.


There are a number of places where this service can improve. Hopefully some of these enhancements will come soon.

Firstly, even if the customer service ensured by Carbonite is one of the best ones, users think that it would still require some improvements. Most of them have complained that the queries are not handled as promised and the information delivered is sometimes not enough. Offering live chat, phone and e-mail support is a great move, but in order to maximize their customers’ satisfaction Carbonite needs to pay more attention at the services’ quality.

Restoring files in volume or doing so to another operating system (e.g. Windows XP to Vista) has proven to be a difficult experience for some. Since the main intention of having an online storage backup is to have access to your files anytime you may need them, a complicated retrieval process can discourage users from utilizing the service.

It is most important to know that Carbonite will only perform automatic backups on documents, photos, music files, email and settings. Large individual files as well as applications and videos must initially be backed up manually. Once you have done that, those files will be added to the automatic backup from then on. Not knowing this has caused some people to lose their music and videos when their computers crashed.

Carbonite Review Summary

Carbonite is one of the more reliable online backup services available today. It places a lot of emphasis on ease of use and security, which are two of the main considerations that home users look for. However, it is not perfect but none of these services are. There has to be some comprimise when you’re paying less than $5/month for unlimited online backup. The good news is, Carbonite and services similar to it continue to improve every year.

Travis Van Slooten is an expert Ezine Articles author who writes on a broad range of topics including weight loss supplements and electronics. For more information on online backup solutions, visit

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HP Photosmart C5380 Ink Review by Theodore Beach

by: Theodore Beach

HP’s recent Photosmart C5380 is a great quality product, that has very few disadvantages and it is among the best multifunctions for its selling price and also a terrific investment for families.

Very little has altered aesthetically from the C5380’s predecessors. This device includes exactly the same gloss white fascia of HP’s other inkjet devices, which includes a simple control scheme along with a modest colour Liquid crystal display for PC-less operation.

USB 2.0 is the sole connection choice. Nevertheless, the machine has a memory card reader, together with support for MemoryStick, SD, xD, CompactFlash cards as well as a secondary USB port to be used with PictBridge-capable devices.

What the C5380 does not have in connectivity, it more than makes up for with print quality. We have experienced issues with the caliber of prior HP inkjets however the C5380 is a clear indication of alteration in this regard. Text documents are very clear as well as legible, and are comparable in quality to similarly priced mono laser printers. Colour documents that have graphical parts are better yet, with clean text accompanied by precise as well as vibrant colours.

Photographs posses excellent, radiant colours, surpassing the results of Canon’s. The C5380 is among the first mid-range inkjet models we have run into that’s not susceptible to any banding problems. The direct result is an excellent quality photo, unmarred by the difficulties frequently related to inkjet equipment. The one minor niggle we had with the C5380’s quality was indications of the print rollers’ track marks apparent under direct light. Basically, the C5380 offers the very best print quality we have witnessed at this kind of low cost point.

The C5380’s print rate is likewise spectacular. A draft quality text document prints at an average 20.6 pages each minute, with the first page released in 15.3 seconds, decreasing to 10.9ppm at normal quality. Graphical documents are just slightly slower, with draft quality documents printing at 18.75ppm along with normal quality documents at 6.3ppm. Photograph printing rates of speed are a bit slower: an ordinary 4x6in photograph will print in 27sec, plus an A4 picture at regular quality prints in 1min 14sec. Although these rates are not the quickest we have observed, the C5380 prints more quickly on a more consistent basis than other devices. The standard of CD/DVD printing is impressive. Quality is very influenced by the printable media employed, even so the printer managed to turn out good quality CDs and also DVDs. Colours are not as vivid as pictures made by the unit, yet detail levels are still reasonably high. The media we employed throughout screening was somewhat liable to smudging in dark colours, yet generally we were impressed with the final results.

The associated software is exceptional; thanks to an easy-to-follow approach which guides the user through media selection, template design and style, photo and text editing as well as print options. There are not exhaustive choices – Canon’s proprietary software gives more room for photograph and also text customisation – however for the majority of users this shouldn’t be an issue.

In spite of this printer’s quality, consumables aren’t excessively pricey. With four high-capacity it’s not the least expensive multifunction available, but it is not going to break your budget either.

The sole shortcoming of the C5380 is it’s scanning. Fine detail is not hard to find at an optical resolution of 4800dpi – and this definitely helps very detailed monochrome scans – however scanned images are mostly under-saturated, creating images paler than their source. The C5380’s scanner can be frustrating. Though the cover’s hinges will move a bit to permit scanning of thicker material, they aren’t flexible enough to install a thick book without chance of breaking. are available here.
I am a long time member of the Cartridge Concept team which specialises in

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Coffee Shop millionaire – Review Is Anthony Trister for real? by …

by: Tobias Botwood

Coffee Shop millionaire – Review – Is Anthony Trister for real?

Making money online is a matter of finding an audience who you can either advertise to or receive direct payment from. Either way, you need something interesting or informative with which to catch and hold your readers’ attention. Your content is everything, and Anthony Trister tells us how to learn and earn online.

Online Affiliate Marketing Guru, Anthony Trister, Coffee Shop Millionaire, will show you how you can make money presenting and distributing content via podcast or a newsletter, and how you can connect directly with your audience as an online tutor.

Getting Paid To Podcast

When you have the content and are able to produce good quality podcasts, you need listeners. You can find them by submitting your podcast to directories such as, promoting it through a website or blog, or advertising in forums and newsletters.

To create a podcast, you will need a microphone and some recording software. If you have a camera, you can also produce video podcasts.

You can download a free recording program from, where you will also find tutorials on the technical side of podcasting, which is most useful.

The bigger your market, the better. Don’t be afraid of competitive markets, they’re big for a reason–they pay and people are listening!

You will then be able to make money by finding a sponsor who is willing to pay to reach your listeners. You could find your own advertisers, or join a podcasting network such as

If your content is desirable enough, you can charge for access to it, through services such as iTunes ( If you are selling your podcast, however, it is a good idea to create a free content version too in order to reach new listeners.

How To Get Paid To Publish Online Newsletters

Even if you prefer the written word to audio podcasting, you will still need to take care of some technical details.

The best way to distribute newsletters is through an autoresponder list service. These can be set up to automatically deliver pre-written emails to subscribers at set intervals. Each new subscriber will receive all of the emails in your predetermined sequence. That means you can load up a year’s worth of content (or more), and it’ll automatically publish straight to your subscribers’ email boxes without you touching it again!

A free autoresponder can be downloaded from, while a more professional program can be bought from These programs will also help with managing your subscriber list, so you stay spam compliant.

A successful newsletter will be attractive, easy to read, and compatible with different computers and internet browsers. You can create beautiful PDF documents using a free program such as

Also, you do not have to create all your own content. You can get free stock photos and articles from sites such as and You can also pay for pre-written content from sites like

Email newsletters are perfect for marketing your own products, if you are running an online business. You can also make money by selling space to advertisers or even charging for subscriptions.

By using the tools from services such as, you can grow your online newsletter list to hundreds or even thousands of people.

Get Paid To Teach People All Over the World

If you have knowledge and experience to share then you can do so in a podcast or newsletter, or by writing content for a site such as, who will pay for articles.

Alternatively, you can become an online tutor and communicate directly with students through video chat and email. You could find your own students by advertising your services on, or join a company who will pair you up with suitable learners.

In order to get the best jobs, you may need some relevant qualifications, such as a degree, proven experience in a particular field, or a teaching certificate of some kind.

Websites that recruit online teachers include,, and has a teacher directory where you can describe yourself and potential students can find you.
Hi, My Name is Tobias Botwood. I graduated with a diploma in Building science and have spent 20 years in the construction industry, which is my passion. As a part time hobby I got involved in online marketing and have developed a keen interest in online Affiliate marketing. The reality of earning a serious income from online marketing is like a dream coming true. My advise to you is to persevere, find something that you are crazy about and keep at it, you will get what you want at the end of the day, but you got to work at it.

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My Full Guitar Tutor Pro Review – The Ideal Guide to Become A …

by: Micheal Phillips

“Guitar Tutor Pro” is a very useful and a quality guitar learning tool designed by Ryan Cameron, an expert guitar tutor who has mastered the art of playing the instrument. The course format is basically an e-book that can be downloaded and helps one get started with the lessons immediately.

The lessons included in the training course are essential not only for someone who is new and wants to start learning to play the guitar from the very beginning, but also includes lessons vital for intermediates and advanced guitar players as well.

“Guitar Tutor Pro” course provides you with three professionally written e-books accompanied by over 400 audio files and 300 vital exercises that cover almost every aspect of what one needs to know about playing the guitar. It also consists of plenty of pictures and transcribed notation that will ensure that you get the hang of the lessons with ease and increase the speed of your learning process. The materials included within the e-books are really helpful for players of all skills.

You will also be provided with a few Bonus Materials along with the main package absolutely free. The E-Tuner Pro software program will offer essential tips on tuning the guitar by your ear. Guitar Chords Pro will enable you to learn a range of guitar chords. Click Track Pro metronome software program is a useful tool to develop the timing of your guitar play. Another useful addition is the music notation guide that will help you to improve your music reading skills. And finally, a guide that provides you with techniques on how you should tune and string your guitar.

One particularly important feature included in this course is the ability of the subscribers to contact the producer Ryan Cameron directly by mailing him any questions that they have while going through the lessons. You can also have access to unlimited future updates at no extra cost. New lessons will be added on a constant basis and you are able to download them and go through it absolutely free.

The complete training program along with the bonus tools mentioned above can be purchased for a reasonable price of just $47. If you are intending to go for private guitar lessons, then it’s obviously going to cost you around $30 per lesson minimum. True that it’s effective, but if you can get the same lessons with a guitar learning course like “Guitar Tutor Pro”, that too at just a one-off investment of only $47, then why unnecessarily spend so much on private lessons? Something to think about isn’t it? You are also offered with a 60 day-complete money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the course.

The only obvious setback that I see with the course is the fact that there are no video lessons included for any of the lessons. Had there been video lessons, the learning process would have been a much easier and a comprehensive one.

Having said that, “Guitar Tutor Pro” contains lessons that will help any guitar enthusiast to gain a comprehensive knowledge of everything that he/she needs to know about playing the guitar and become a pro at it.
If you want to learn more about “Guitar Tutor Pro” training program, then I would suggest that you read my detailed behind-the-scenes Guitar Tutor Pro Review. If you are interested in discovering the best guitar lessons available online, then I’d suggest you visit Best Guitar Lessons.

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